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Liturgical Ministers

Parishioners are invited to be active at the altar of the Lord in various ways. Altar servers are boys and girls who have received their First Communion and extend throughout their high school days. 

They will receive personal guidance from senior servers. If you are interested, please call the rectory. Senior servers are adults who assist at the funerals of parishioners. This is a very satisfying ministry that bring comfort to the grieving family and great assistance to the priest-celebrant.

Lectors are parishioners who read the bible passages at Mass. There are study books available to prepare the readings and enhance personal understanding of scripture. Commentators are parishioners who introduce the Mass; introduce the readings, and lead the congregation in prayer in the Prayer of the Faithful. 

Special Ministers of Holy Communion are parishioners who help out at Communion at Mass with the Body and Blood of Christ. These ministers will receive special training at the seminary for their special ministry.

Eucharistic Ministers/Lectors/Alter Server Coordinator:  Judy Guarino  716-681-3346 or contact the rectory.