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Holy Name/Ushers

The Holy Name Society is an Organization instituted by Pope Gregory X when he commissioned Blessed John Vercelli & the Dominicans to go out and preach reverence to the sacred name of Jesus Christ.

In 1564 Pope Pius IV officially established the confraternity of the Holy Name to give honor and reverence to our Lord Jesus Christ. We are also a parish organization that is to be the right hand of the Pastor, assisting him wherever we can.

Our objective is mainly two fold. 

  • First to stress the honor to be paid to the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Secondly to assist with manpower, skill & knowledge to provide the direction & the labor force to accomplish tasks within the parish that otherwise may need to be purchased.

Our Organization meets every second Monday at 7 pm from Sept-May in the meeting room of the school.

At these meetings we discuss the direction of our organization, future events & tasks we can assist with.

We have two main fundraisers: 

  • The Pancake & Sausage Breakfast in Feb.
  • Turkey Raffle around Thanksgiving. Along with the turkeys we raffle at this event, we also donate 12-16 additional turkeys to the needy. 

We celebrate a communion breakfast at the 8:30 Mass every 2nd Sunday, in conjunction with the Polka Mass at 4 pm, then again on the 2nd Sunday of Mar & June at the 8:30 Mass.

Lastly, we lend assistance wherever we can to the other parish organizations fundraisers throughout the year.

Parish Organizations

Parish organizations fulfill the vision of the parish by "Being a blessing to one another." These organizations bring parishioners together around an event or a purpose but the emphasis is to bring people together in the name of Jesus the Good Shepard. The flock then goes beyond their own borders to the outside community to invite and evangelize. These organizations, through many, are one in mine, heart, and soul.