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Boy Scout Troop 500

Boy Scout Troop 500 was established at St James church on August 1, 1999. The troop provides an environment which allows boys to develop leadership skills, it teaches them how to work with others, solve problems, be creative, learn new things all while having fun, going weekend camping and participate in scouting activities - such as Summer Camp, the Klondike and High Adventure Trips.

The Troop helps young Adolescents to earn Merit badges which enables them to "Rank" Advance. The ranking system is as follows: Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life and Ultimately "EAGLE SCOUT". Troop 500 has provided the programs which allowed over 25 scouts to earn the rank of Eagle Scout over the last 20 years. Thats an average of 1 Eagle Scout per year! Nationally less than 1% of Scouts earn the Eagle Rank but within our troop we encourgae ALL our scouts that they can achieve the rank of Eagle if they truly want it and we will help them the best we can!

Troop 500 event fundraisers include the Reinstein Fall Festival in September, Spaghetti Dinner in October and Club 500 Steak Dinner(run by the parents of the troop)in April.

The troop meetings are held every Friday night at 7:00pm in the basement of St James Church located at 496 Terrace Blvd. Depew, NY.

If your child is interested in joining Troop 500 or you have questions about the troop or scouting please contact: Scoutmaster Dominic Morabito at 716-907-4196.  (Note: To join Boy Scouts- the child should have completed the 5th grade or higher or be between the ages of 11 and 17) 

The Scouts are always looking for adults who are or may be interested in joing the troop to become Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Committee Members, or Parent Volunteers. So join us and let the adventures begin!!

Cub Scout Pack 500

Cub Scout Pack 500 was established at St James Church on September 1, 2002. The Cub Scouts provide young adolescents with an environment that is suitable to help them grow, learn and to develop skills such as learning to work with other, develops early leadership abilities, explore new ideas, to try new things such as camping. The cubs also go on field trips, try new activities and they make new friends. 

The Cub Scouts also enables young children to earn belt loops and or pins which helps them earn their own patches at different levels of advancement. They start out earning their "BOBCAT" then they proceed to earn "WOLF", "BEAR", WEBELOS I" and Finally "WEBELOS II" which leads to the Highest Ranking in Cub Scouts "THE ARROW OF LIGHT" This is the only badge that can be placed on their Boy Scout Uniform.

Cub Pack 500 meetings are held every Friday night beginning at 6:15 in the Cafeteria located in the school at 500Terrace Blvd. Depew NY. 

If your child is interested in joining Cub Scouts or you have questions about cub scouting or need more information you can stop by at one of our meetings or you can kindly contact Cub Master David Edwards at 716-200-8508. Please note: A young child can join cub scouts at the age of 5 or be in Kindergarten thru age 11 or grade 5. 

The Cub Scout Pack is always looking for adults who are or may be interested in becoming Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Committee Members or Parent Volunteers. Join Us and Let the Adventures Begin!!!!



Cub Scouts Pack 500
Dave and Nikki Edwards
Phone:  716-471-0668
Email:  [email protected]

Boy Scout Troop 500
Dominic Morabito
Phone:   716-907-4196
Email:  [email protected]

Girl Scout Troop 716
Stephanie McCann
Phone:  716-903-1235
Email:  [email protected]

Girl Scout Troop 30789
Jennifer Fiegel
Phone:  716-597-5191
Email:  [email protected]