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Allied Society

St. James Allied Society According to Webster's dictionary; the word 'allied' is defined as: joined in alliance and related by common properties.

The Allied Society at our Parish is probably best known as the Ministry that organizes and sponsors the various fund raisers and social events here. 

Yes, this is a true statement. But how we got there is another story.

The Allied Society was formed more than ten years ago as a resource for all Parish organizations to come together with one main focus; communication. The folks involved in the Allied Society represent all Parish organizations and ministries.

In other words, we represent you. We listen to updates from the respective members, support each other in their endeavors and a dialogue is created when someone presents a new idea or has a situation they would like assistance with.

Keeping this in mind, if you have an idea of something you'd like to see happen at our Parish; we invite and welcome you to join us at one of our meetings (we meet monthly on the fourth Monday year round) to present an outline of your idea and be a part of what we do best: communicate and create a dialogue.

We are joined in alliance and related by the common properties of our Faith.

Our mission is and always will be for the good of the parishioners of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish.

We look forward to creating a dialogue with you!