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Music Ministry

Our music ministries have accomplished music directors leading volunteer parishioners help us raise our hearts and voices to our God in Sacred Liturgy

Sue Loniewski is a professional organist and vocalist. She directs the choir at the 4:00 P.M. Mass on Saturdays. At the 9 A.M. Mass she directs the choir which features a hymn in the Polish language as a highlight.

Barbara Struebel creates the arrangements for our Contemporary Ensemble.  This ensemble is a blend of instrumentalists and vocalists providing a variety of music from traditional to contemporary. Besides vocalists, the ensemble includes guitars, electronic keyboard, and trumpet.

The music director is David Nidziol. He is a professional musician who leads a group of vocalists backed up by a variety of guitars, trumpet, electronic keyboard, and drums. During the school year, the youth of our parish leads the liturgy by doing the readings, leading the Common Intercessions, bringing up of the gifts. The homily is geared to the youth. The youth are also invited to assist the choir in the closing hymn by gathering in the sanctuary to play provided percussion instruments. 

All directors are approachable if you wish to join their choirs.