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Prayer Shawl Ministry

DESCRIPTION & RESPONSIBILITIES: A group comprised of parishioners as well as others who knit and crochet prayer shawls and lap robes for members of our parish as well as others who are in need of prayer. We also provide Baptismal Blankets but only for babies baptized at Blessed Mother Teresa Parish. Yarn is provided to members whenever possible thanks to Caring and Sharing as well as donations by generous parishioners. While knitting/crocheting, members pray for the person who will receive the shawl. Once finished, the shawls are blessed by the priest and then distributed to those in need. Shawls are always available at the rectory or by calling Beth Bauer at 681-5844. Shawls are gifts freely given with no strings attached. There is never a charge for a prayer shawl.

OBJECTIVES: Our shawls are meant to provide recipients comfort and solace and a feeling of being uplifted. Prayer shawls can be used when undergoing a medical procedure, as a comfort after a loss, in times of stress or trauma, during bereavement, during an illness and recovery, prayer or meditation, a difficult divorce, or experiencing financial hardship. The Baptismal blankets are given on the day of the child's Baptism and carry with them a lifetime of prayer

MEETINGS: Because most of our work is done at home in our leisure time, our meetings are held infrequently, usually on Tuesday mornings in the meeting room. We have occasional evening meetings to accommodate those who have daytime commitments. The date and time of each meeting is decided at the previous meeting. Notification appears in the bulletin as well as on the monthly calendar when possible. The purpose of our meetings is to update the members on what's new with the ministry as well as to exchange ideas and answer questions.

CONTACT: Prayer shawls and lap robes are available at the rectory during regular business hours. Baptismal blankets are presented by the priest at the child's baptism. All questions should be directed to Beth Bauer at 716-681-5844.