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A Statement on In Solidum

Friday, July 7, 2023/Categories: Matters of Interest

A Statement on In Solidum

Many individuals in our Family of Parishes have noticed that while most priests were named as Pastor of the new Families created, Msgr. Siepka was announced as Moderator of the Beloved Disciples of Christ the Lord. That is due to an important distinction in Canon Law. Canon 517 states, “When circumstances require it, the pastoral care of a parish or of several parishes together can be entrusted to a team of several priests in solidum with the requirement, however, that one of them should be the moderator in exercising pastoral care, that is, he should direct their combined activity and answer for it to the bishop.”  

This is the model under which we are operating. Msgr. Siepka is the Moderator of our Family and is one of the three priests in solidum given authority over all six of our Parishes. Fr. Bart Lipiec and Fr. Lukasz Kopala join with Msgr. Siepka as the three priests in solidum for the Beloved Disciples of Christ the Lord. All three share in the pastoral care of the entire Family.  

As Canon 543 states, “Each of the priests who as a team have been entrusted with the pastoral care of some parish or group of different parishes is obliged to perform the duties and functions of the pastor… in accord with an arrangement determined by themselves; … to be exercise however, under the direction of the moderator.”  

As a result, no one in our Family now has the title of “Pastor” and we will soon stop using that title. We have three parish priests in solidum, in a team ministry arrangement, with Msgr. Siepka serving as Moderator, the one priest who answers to the Bishop.  


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