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Letter From Fr. Dave Richards

Monday, August 15, 2022/Categories: Bulletin Annoucements

As I move on to my next assignment in ministry, I am reflecting on how difficult it is to come to terms that my time of ministry has concluded with you all. There are no words for what this experience has done for me. God has spoiled me through your faith, kindness and generosity.

I've received incredible blessings in being a part of momentous times in this faith community. I enjoyed visiting your homes and getting to know you. I've loved the first communions, confirmations, welcoming the RCIA candidates into the faith, youth events, faith formation classes, baptisms, weddings, etc.

Being invited to pray at the bedside of countless people and preparing souls for heaven in celebrating the sacrament of the sick has been grace-filled. In these moments, though extremely sad, Jesus enters into our suffering and heals even when we may not see it.

God's mercy shining through funeral Masses while sharing in the grief of laying a loved one to rest in the hope of eternal life is a most humbling privilege. As priest, we pray that in the midst of intense grief with family members who are left behind that they know there is a reason to continue on.

The greatest blessing for me has been the celebration of the Eucharist with you. This precious gift offered to us as a desire by God to remain in communion with us is the source and summit of our faith. It is a timeless invitation for us to receive Jesus to be Jesus for others. We need to keep Jesus' command at the forefront of our hearts and minds always: Do this in memory of Me.

I am grateful to the staff and all the dedicated people who have invested their time, talent and treasure in our ministries. Your commitment and enthusiasm has made such an impact on the beauty and growth of our faith community. You are Church.

Lastly, I know that in my time here I have said or done things that have offended some of you. I am sorry and ask for your mercy, which is undeserved forgiveness. I hope that through my mistakes I have learned and grown and that they have shaped me to be a better priest.
Pray for me...I'm praying for you.

Fr. Dave Richards


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